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12 Ideas for Stunning Summer Wedding Photos

by Lawson Waller on July 15th, 2014


Summer and weddings go together naturally. To have a summer celebration is to get romantic inspiration from nature. The splendor of summer can make everything picture perfect. For this reason, many people wonder if they should hire a professional photographer at all? With friends and relatives offering to take pictures for you, why should you pay a company or individual to perform the task?

The answer is that you only get one chance to take these photographs. While a well-meaning guest may offer to take photos from their camera or phone, there is no guarantee that they will come out. With professional photographers at the helm, you have the option of seeing a portfolio of their work beforehand and speaking to several of their references.

Definitely do not discourage your guests from taking photos. On the contrary, they may produce candid detailsphotographs that are a real inspiration. However, the formal portrait that accompanies your wedding should be taken professionally. These photos will not only be seen in an album, but shared online as well.

So, how do you get an exceptional set of photos? No matter who takes your photographs, there are several tips to keep in mind. By taking advantage of these important tips, your photographs be creatively organized.

1) Before thinking about hiring a photographer, consider what kind of options you are looking for. Do you want to take engagement photos with your groom? Would you like a bridal package? How many location and outfit changes do you want?

Knowing the answers to questions will help to get the photos you want at a price that makes sense.weddingblog3

2) Before hiring a photographer; look at their portfolio. A great photographer is versatile and willing to take on a challenge. If you are going for a specific look, check for similar looks in a photographer’s portfolio.

3) Request a number of “still life” photographs to depict the day. Take a photo of the chapel or hall where the ceremony will be performed before any guests enter. If there are any special artistic details on location, get a close up. The bride, groom, friends, and both families have been planning the big day for awhile…the ambiance should be preserved. Details that may seem mundane at the moment will bring back sweet memories.

This could include a playful set-up of such articles of apparel as the bride’s shoes, veil, jewelry and dress. Make a point of having the bouquet that each bridesmaid will hold arranged in a creative way.

4)The actual day of any event is a whirlwind of activity. Photographs can depict these activities with either a humorous or dutiful perspective. Each bridesmaid and groomsman can be shown in group photos as they assist with event preparation. Be sure to include family members from both the bride and groom on a fairly equally.weddingblog2

Include candid photos of the bridal party having their hair and makeup done. The bridal party could lean in to offer the bride some last minute advice or adjust her veil. Do the same with the groom and his group of ushers. They can be adjusting his tie and tuxedo for example.

5) Photographs of important family figures are a priority. This becomes especially poignant with an older guest, like a grandparent or family elder. A classic shot has someone pinning a corsage on a special dress or a flower on a suit lapel.

6) For outside ceremonies and receptions, use as much natural light as possible. If events are to be held after dark, use outdoor lighting sources that add a note of warmth to the subjects. Always avoid stark lights and harsh beams.

For variety, ask your photographer to take several photographs in black and white. For those couples who wish to make give their photos an antique feel, ask if they can be finished with “sepia tones.”
7) Hire a professional to do the bride’s makeup and hair. After all the planning and all the anticipation, the bride deserves to be pampered; confident in her beauty and style.

8) Photographs taken during the ceremony should complement the action, not overwhelm it. A trained photographer knows to scope-out the interior and each outdoor location prior to an event. During the ceremony, a wedding photographer will use their intel to have good line of sight, while never blocking the view of the guests.

9) Reception photos should include a photo of each of the guest tables. Years later when memories fade, this will help to remember who was actually invited to your wedding. Later on, use these photographs as invitations to big anniversary party.table

10) Photographers know that the music and merriment that fill a party makes for incredible candid photos. That first dance between generations of family generally makes for a tender and photogenic moment.

11) Is there something newsworthy going on at the moment? Perhaps a wildfire that looks like it would make a wonderful backdrop to your engagement photos? Memorialize this time in your family’s life by capturing a local event or portraying a popular meme.

12) A final photo of the happy couple exiting the wedding on the way to their honeymoon is a modern classic. In daytime, this is often taken as they enter their automobile. A creative use of evening light has guests holding sparklers or candles as they toast the newly married twosome on their way to a new life.

Article Name
12 Ideas for Stunning Summer Wedding Photos
Summer weddings are extremely popular because of the weather and the amazing photography opportunities. This article gives advice on how to get gorgeous photos while still capturing all the big moments. It includes advice on how to choose a photographer, which pictures to take, and appropriate lighting.
  1. Shannon&Eddie permalink

    How much are wedding photos?

  2. Aishwarya permalink

    What If My Family Is Too Big?

  3. MrsToBe permalink

    This article mentioned engagement photos. What exactly are those?

  4. Lawson Weller permalink

    Engagement photos are a fun way to announce to friends and family your happy news. Right now it is popular to have themed photo shoots complete with matching outfits and cool locations.

  5. Lawson Waller permalink

    This shouldn’t be much of a problem, most photographers are capable of doing a panoramic shot.

  6. Lawson Waller permalink

    Wedding photos can be quite pricey depending on what the couple wants. Many couples will get a package that includes engagement photos, bridal photos,and the wedding day; this can cost anywhere between $700 – $3500.

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