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How To Get the Most Adorable Pregnancy Photos

by Lawson Waller on July 10th, 2014

Pregnancy Pictures
A pregnancy is a delicate and beautiful life event. It is a time of excitement and change for the whole family. These precious memories before a child is brought into the world should be documented for friends and family to enjoy years from now. But, the maternity photo shoot can be a particularly difficult one to navigate.

In this article, you will find tips to help new mothers and fathers capture the time leading up to the birth of their child with grace. We will also answer several questions that we often receive from expecting parents about how to artistically capture their momentous event.

First off,  you’ll need to begin your quest for maternity photos by finding a suitable photographer. For the best results, we recommend choosing a photographer who specializes in pregnancy photography or at least choose a photographer who has had experience with maternity pictures. You should choose someone who shoots photos that make their client’s glow capturing their inherent joy.

It is important that the pregnancy photography reflects the joy and state of mind of the subjects. It is also crucial to select a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. The most important tip we can offer about shooting maternity photos is to be yourself. Authentic, candid shots are what truly make a photo beautiful; getting these images requires everyone to relax and have some fun!

Once you have the perfect photographer,  it is time to decide the theme you are after. Are you looking for something cute? Trendy? Classic? Determining what you want out of a shoot will guide you and help when it comes to making other decisions like location and clothing.

Next, determine the time and location of the shoot. All stages of a baby bump can be cute and fun to work with, so you are at liberty to determine which stage you want to memorialize. Getting a gorgeous photograph requires the right location, one that lends to the overall mood of the shot and makes everyone comfortable. Some mothers and fathers like being in the outdoors and want to show off this love to their newborn. Others prefer to stay at home where they will spend the most time with their newborn. These sort of themes are extremely popular and traditional; for some though this isn’t enough.

Many expectant parents like to draw inspiration from trends in photography. Some of the top trends from 2014 include the use of the bare belly and the chalkboard. The bare tummy trend is an artistic way to show the glow of a mommy and her baby. There is a special beauty in that big belly that people like to focus on. This is especially effective to use in a home shoot, where a mother is very comfortable in her element. The chalkboard is a unique way to announce that you are expecting. Fun messages can be customized and written in colorful chalk and can feature hand-drawn art and cute fonts.


Article Name
How To Get The Most Adorable Pregnancy Photos
Properly capturing the joy that your little miracle has brought to your family is challenging, but don't worry about how to do it! We have some great tips to get the photos and memories you want.
  1. Sopregnant permalink

    If I already have children should I include them in the photo shoot too?

  2. TeamBaker permalink

    Should I show my bare tummy in the shoot if I don’t want to?

  3. Tiffany permalink

    How can I make my pregnancy photos look more natural?

  4. Lawson Weller permalink

    My response to this question goes back to the last question. You should do what is comfortable for you. Some people like to show their pregnant bellies to others. Some don’t. Do what is comfortable for you and don’t let anyone, even a professional, tell you to do something that you don’t like. Just because this is a trend right now doesn’t mean it is what is best or most artistic.

  5. Lawson Waller permalink

    This is a great question. 2014 maternity photography really tries to captures this idea of being natural. The first thing you can do is choose the right outfit. It really doesn’t matter what your choose as long ass it is something that you normally wear. Wear something that you are comfortable and feel beautiful in. If you love lace and frills, buy a new dress. If you have more simple taste, go for your favorite T-shirt and a flattering pair of jeans and put your hair in a sleek ponytail. Photographs should capture you as you are, they shouldn’t recreate you.

  6. Lawson Waller permalink

    Absolutely! You should most definitely include your children in the maternity photos. This is an important part of their life too. You will probably want to take a photograph of two alone and then some of just you and the father, but it is important to make your children feel included too. They will love seeing pictures of them with their unborn baby brother or sister.

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