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Photography Trends in 2014

by Lawson Waller on July 14th, 2014

cameraloverBelieve it or not, photography trends we’re seeing throughout 2014 involve more than just “selfies” and smartphone photographs. To be fair, advances in technology are making it easier for just about anyone to express their creativity with surprisingly few cringe-worthy or truly awful results. With that said, here’s a closer look at some the photography trends you should at least be aware of if you’re planning to take or pose for a photo sometime in 2014:

Fun Effects

From to, there are plenty of sites you can visit to add fun effects to your photos such as the fish eye lens effect popularized by Photoshop. Once relegated to programs you had to run on a PC, now you can actually have fun with your photos with a wide selection of apps you can use to play around with the pics on any mobile device.

Mirrors and Reflections

A favorite trend in photography in recent years has been use of mirrors and reflections to create a unique look. While this particular photographic style is nothing especially groundbreaking, advances in camera technology make it easier to incorporate see-through or reflective surfaces in pictures.

groupingTelling a story

The ability to easily view your various photographs with a single program has made it so much easier to be able to find related pics and tell an interesting story by grouping those photographs together. The best thing about this particular trend is that you can easily create a story out of random pics that initially had no logical connection.

Shooting Meals and Special Creations

Whether it’s a large scale dinner party or a casual gathering of friends, many meals are serving as photographic inspiration for anybody with a camera. All you have to do is add some captions and throw in a hashtag and any of your social friends can delight in your family meals and view some of your favorite dishes after posting to image-based platforms like Pinterest.

Green Professional Photographs

Many companies are looking to put their best qualities on display, which often includes doing something to benefit Mother Nature in some way. A commercial trend in 2014 is to create artistic pics, whether it be for websites or brochures, showcasing a company’s commitment to the environment.

nature photo

Natural Light and White Space

A classic style once relegated to portrait studios and professional photographers, white space and natural light has been rediscovered as something to be appreciated. There’s something to be said for stark compositions, minimal use of color and natural lighting, whether it be capturing the beauty of your surrounding landscape or simply taking a random pic of a friend or loved one. Related trends include the use of greys and natural tones or the absence of color all together with retro-looking black and white shots.

Finding Inspiration in Accessories

The concept of incorporating some accessories into either random pics or portrait sessions is making a surprising come back. This can include a hat you absolutely love or classic accessories like belts, shoes and even cufflinks and tie clips. Whether it’s a prom pic or just a fun group shot, just about any photographer is going to have some props and accessories on hand, or you can stop at a thrift shop for some inspiration.

Regional Inspiration

Blame it on optimizing content for search engines, but more and more companies are looking to capture their regional characteristics. This can include everything from images of local landmarks to pics of satisfied customers in front of identifiable streets that can be easily posted online.


Article Name
Photography Trends in 2014
This article features information on current trends in photography. It covers everything from photo editing to camera choices. If you are looking to become a better amateur photographer, look no further!
  1. RonanTherrien permalink

    Are animal pics still a hot trend?

  2. Julianna permalink

    What if I can’t find any inspiration?

  3. paulawise permalink

    What’s a photographic trend I can easily embrace?

  4. Lawson Waller permalink

    From amateur shots to more artistic endeavors, an ongoing photographic trend is to find something special in the people and places you see everyday. Since it doesn’t take much effort to digitally capture somebody, just snap a pic whenever the moment strikes – you might be surprised to find a few hidden gems when you look back at the results.

  5. sitemanager permalink

    Whether it’s capturing your son scoring the winning goal or catching your favorite uncle dancing with the dog, the beauty of photography today is that you don’t have to be a professional to capture a memorial image. All you need is a camera to capture some great in-the-moment shots along the lines of some the so-called “slice of life” art you’ll find for sale in trendy art galleries or posted on popular websites.

    The good news is that if still prefer to look through the lens of an actual camera not attached to a smartphone, industry giants Nikon and Cannon are among companies leading the way with high-tech advances and groundbreaking technologies. As for photographic trends in picture taking, creativity is still alive and well, whether you’re shooting something to post to your social sites or capturing your son’s soccer game. Even new mobile apps and photo tools are making it easier for the average Joe to create a work of art out of a simple pic. What’s not to love about that?

  6. Lawson Waller permalink

    Even if it’s just the family dog, animals are still as trendy as ever in 2014. While not always the best subjects, there’s just something inherently appealing about the unpredictability of animals that often makes animal pics so darn cute – and often instantly viral when posted online.

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