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Look Glamorous and Sexy Posing As a Pin Up

by Lawson Waller on July 10th, 2014


No discussion of the classic pin up is complete without reference to legendary Pin-up girls like Betty Grable and Veronica Lake. While photos today can certainly be more revealing and tantalizing than anything Miss Grable ever did, a vintage glamour photo that harks back to those days can still be downright hot and equally sensual by leaving something to the imagination. The beauty of this type of photography is that it doesn’t matter if you’re flat as a pancake or full of ample curves, as long as you can be expressive with your face and strike the right pose. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience too!

Finding the Right Props
A big part of embracing vintage pinup photography is creating the right mood. Aside from setting the mood, props are important because no matter how creative you are you’re going to eventually run out of poses. This is where things like a beach ball or a frilly parasol or umbrella can allow you to create a fun, playful photo shoot. A pin up shoot doesn’t have to be vintage. In fact, you can embrace the basic concept with an entirely modern backdrop.

hoola hoop pinup

Finding the Right Lighting
Regardless of the photographer you choose, your main concern should be making sure the lighting is flattering. Even if you have the perfect wardrobe and the right props, bad lighting can ruin the intended effect. If you really want to be sure that your lighting is going to be just right, choose a studio or photographer that allows you to view and approve of the photo. If that isn’t an option, maker sure the photographer at least allows for re-shoots at no additional cost if the quality of the lighting isn’t right or just not all that flattering.

Have a Back-up Plan
Regardless of how prepared you are or how much research you did on your selected studio in advance, things can always go wrong or not turn out the way you intended. Your back-up plan can be as simple as bringing a few different clothing selections just in case your preferred style isn’t working. Consider scheduling multiple sessions so you can further experiment with styling options.

Selecting Your Wardrobe
patriotic pinupLingerie is a common choice when it comes to the wardrobe for this type of photography. However, you should feel beautiful in whatever you choose to wear, whether it be a classic one-piece bathing suit or a more modern two-piece. Even if you embrace your curves, you still want to wear something that’s as flattering as possible. A professional studio is likely to have some extra wardrobe selections you can experiment with before the actual session.

Enjoy Your Session
The fact that you should have fun with your session can’t be stressed enough. Bring some of your favorite music to your photo shoot to create a more relaxed mood. Some photographers will also allow you to bring some friends to the shoot for moral support. You want to be in the right frame of mind before your session, which means using some common sense. This generally includes things like getting a good night’s sleep the night before to avoid bloodshot eyes. You play an equally important role in the quality of your results.

Know What You’re Getting
Some women make the mistake of only vaguely knowing what a pin-up shoot is and show up looking like a stripper. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a hot photo shoot, but you’re not making soft core porn. If you’re a little fuzzy on what’s involved with a pin-up session, take some time to talk with the photographer to ensure that you’re both on the same page.

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Article Name
Look Glamorous and Sexy Posing As a Pin Up
The key to getting the most out of your pin-up photo shoot is a combination of the right makeup, lighting, wardrobe and props to produce the best possible results. Keep in mind that a big part of the experience of embracing this kind of retro beauty is relaxing and enjoying every moment of your session.
  1. ImogenRose permalink

    What if I’m not comfortable with the suggested style of the photo shoot?

  2. Everette permalink

    What if I’m having the hardest time coming up with poses?

  3. Sarah110212 permalink

    Should I do my own hair and makeup?

  4. Lawson Weller permalink

    It’s generally best to leave the hair and makeup to the professionals. While you’re more than welcome to share your input, most reputable photographers are going to have people on staff who know how to create high-quality photos with the right hair and makeup selections.

  5. Lawson Waller permalink

    This isn’t uncommon, especially if you’ve never actually posed for this type of photograph. Many studios specializing in this type of photography have catalogs or vintage magazines you can browse through for inspiration. If not, do some research online. Look at photos of Bettie Page, for instance, and pay particular attention to her facial expressions. Posing doesn’t always involve the way you move body. Sit in front of a mirror and mimic some of the classic poses until you find something that works for you.

  6. Lawson Waller permalink

    Regardless of how much professional experience the staff at the studio has with this type of photography, it’s important that you enjoy the session. If this means stopping the session because you’re not comfortable with the lingerie selection or the styling of the session just doesn’t feel right to you, so be it. Only you can determine what makes you feel beautiful no matter how hot the person taking the pictures thinks you look.

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